In the past, I spent several hours transferring site files, setting up databases, creating users, etc., etc., after a church or school purchases hosting from Luthersites.  This is a tedious process and often resulted in copy errors, or just slips of fingers when making passwords....whatever.

It's finally become clear: I must create an automated script to do the work for me.  So that's what I did!

All new hosting accounts (from Jan 2019 onward) will be setup using the automated install script.  It's secure, fast, and will get everything setup so that you can access your website quickly.  You even have a "first time access" tutorial to get you started with site configuration and page building!

Here's how it works:

After you sign up and pay for your hosting, your domain name will be registered (if you transferred your domain the transfer process will begin).  In about 24 hours (up to 5 days for transfers) your domain name will start to function.  Once it does, you can go to your domain (type it in your browsers URL box, not in the google search box).  Immediately you'll see the Luthersites installer.  You'll have to type in a passphrase (which I will personally email to you) in order to continue the install process.  Once complete, your site will be ready to go!  You'll be taken to your site; you'll be logged in, and a clickable tutorial will appear guiding you through the site.  Once you complete it you're all set!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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